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Bintan Island Indonesia

Bintan Island Indonesia Are you really bored of seeing the same places recurrently? There is a place where you can completely enjoy the trip alone or with your beloved family, Bintan Island, the novice family holiday spot. It is one of the popular islands near Singapore, so the tourists never fail to visit this place when they step into Singapore. It comes under Bintan Island Regency of Riau Islands province as a part of administration region. Tanjung Pinang is the autonomous city here.

This ecstatic island is located in Riau Archipelago, Indonesia, located 10 km east of Batam Island and 105 km off the coast of the mainland. The travel hour would be 45 minutes from Singapore to the Bintan Island tip or one and half an hour ride to Tanjung Pinang city.

A historic island

Though Bintan is a small island, it is rich with cultural and historical stories, especially by its Indo-China trade route. Many Chinese migrants settled here and this island became their hometown. The first Chinese established village is Senggarang, this picturesque village encompasses different styles of houses along with various types of architecture. Most of the houses are ajar and you can closely look into the lives of the people here. Taking a long walk along the village which has a few temples, especially Banyan Tree temple is an interesting one. A mixed culture of Malay, Chinese and the Orang Laut, Bugis people are dwelling in this beautiful place.

Bintan Climate:

Bright sunny days with dryness can be seen here if the tourist visits from Mid March to early November.

Strong winds with heavy showers will be experienced during early November to mid-March, but still, warms days could be enjoyed during the period.

Bintan humidity level varies between 61 and 96% and the average daytime temperature hangs around 28° Celsius. Sometimes it may hype up to 32° Celsius.

The best time to visit Bintan

Between March and October is the best time to visit the Bintan since it is a dry season that never fails to attract the tourists as a peak season. If you desire to visit the International Dragon Boat Festival, then come here in October to enjoy the event.

The mind blowing places of Bintan Island:

Serene Trikora beach

More than one hour drive will take to reach Trikora beach from Tanjung Pinang. Umpteen rural beachside cottages are owned by Indonesians in Trikora Beach. Cottage accommodation makes the tourists enjoy a laid back lifestyle and paves them to relax on beaches by seeing the beautiful seashore and ports. It is the best weekend place of Singapore people to enjoy the white sand with crystal clear water to relax after the busy life. If it is a tour of a lovely pair, it is really a double joy.

Ancient Senggarang Island

A small village in the Bintan Island is Senggarang Island. It is a belief that this island was the first home for Chinese immigrants long ago, and then they spread throughout other islands of Riau. The enthralling spot has 200 years old Banyan Tree temple that carries a historical story as for how the tree had mysteriously formed to the gigantic scenery. The other ancient temples are Ruler of the North Pole Star, Xuan Tian Shang-di those showcase the Chinese architectural art.

Traditional Tanjung Pinang

Tanjung Pinang is the core port town in Bintan Island where the traders and passenger ships are getting connected to all parts of Singapore and Indonesia. It is one of the world’s busiest sea lanes located close to Malacca Strait. The town mostly comprises of traditional buildings, houses over the water and on stilts. A variety of dried seafood, colorful crackers and snacks are sold here. From Singapore, one can reach this place within two hours by ferry.

Rustic Santa Maria Cave

The most ancient cave was built in 18th century by a Dutch Pastor. Huge numbers of devotees assemble here every Sunday, do peaceful prayer and sing songs of praises, enjoying a short get together. Till today Santa Maria cave is well preserved and maintained by Grotto Santa Maria. The key features of the site are a statue of Mary standing on a globe, the 14 Stations of the Cross, tableaus. This is an exquisite place to see the culture and offer prayers that located 20 minutes away from Trikora Beach.

Dreadful Mangroves

Bintan Island is being a home to rich mangrove forests and the steps have been taken to conserve this most precious heritage. About 70 mangrove species in the world today and out of them, some are quite dangerous. Charcoal kilns, conical construction are still found in various places. Once upon a time, the kilns were used to turn mangrove wood into charcoal. Now the practice has been entirely stopped since it pollutes the nature.

Mouth watering Pasar Oleh-Oleh

Pasar Oleh-Oleh is the market for gifts that feed Indonesian foods & products. Local Indonesian delicacies such as Keropok (prawn or fish crackers), emping (belinjo crackers), dried seafood like Ikan Bilis (anchovies), scallops and shrimps are the available drooling foods. Be a lucky person to enjoy your every munch.

Penyengat Island

To reach Penyengat Island, a short boat ride needs to be taken to cross 6 kilometers from Tanjung Pinang. Astonishing Ruler Raja Haji’s formidable stone fortress can be seen there. The entire island could be seen in between the tombs and many people desire to take selfies in such a beautiful and peaceful place. Sultan of Riau Grand Mosque is the highlight of this island which was built with egg white and lime mixture paint combination. Many Malay musical and dances are performed in the newly built cultural centre here.

What else to do in Bintan?

Stay Stress-free: When one feels stressed the best place to relax is a spa. When compare to Singapore luxurious Balinese body massage and Thai massages are available in this place at an affordable cost. Most of the resorts offer a wide range of treatments and massages to soothe the mind and body where you may pay a valid amount for the service

Enjoy fishing tour: A ride on an authentic sampan will teach you to fish in a traditional way. The tourist will be provided with fishing net to trap crabs and fishes.

Do not forget to watch Turtles hatching: If you are in the Bintan around May-June or August-September, then do not forget to head down to the lagoi beach to watch the green turtles hatching and releasing into the ocean. It is really a unique beach experience.


There are umpteen hotels, restaurants, and spas in the exquisite Bintan Island and tourists can enjoy their every bunch of sumptuous food. Many star hotels, elegant and neat restaurants never fail to welcome the tourists to get accommodated with fantastic rooms.

More places, cultures, habits are concealed from our knowledge. Try to find it out and enjoy every holiday, etch it as a memorable time in your life…


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