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Milford Sound Fiordland New Zealand Milford Sound Geological information
Milford sound located in the Southwest of New Zealand’ South Island. It is within Fiordland National Park, a part of Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site. Steep cliffs and dense forest surrounds the place and the best known of all of the fiords in New Zealand. You can access the place only via road. Milford sound always fascinates even the most experienced travelers in the rain or hot sun season. Mitre peak that stands 1692 meters above the sea level which is at the pinnacle of Milford sound, an overwhelming sight.

It is approximately 16 km from the fiord to the open sea that means visitors can travel the fiord to open ocean and return on a cruise. The cruise is available every 2 hours. During the journey to Milford sound, the Milford road is an incredible feature. Traveling via a coach or cruise with local operators is one of the best ways to experience. The operators would show you the highlights of Milford Sound. Māori believed the discovery of Milford sound more than 1000 years ago, returning seasonally to the fiord to collect precious Pounamu (Greenstone or Jade).


Māori people named the sound Piopiotahi after a single bird which flew here mourning the death of its partner. Though the sound is popular it was not discovered by European until 1812. Captain John Grono named it as Milford Haven after his homeland in Wales. Captain John Lord Stokes renamed it to Milford Sound later. In 1888 the Mackinnon pass was discovered and it had soon become part of the Milford Track, which is now one of the world’s great walks. The hike is stunning on the Milford Track, but still, the local government allows 90 people on the track every day. People can hike it for only 6 months whereas Milford sound is accessible all over the year. In 1954 Homer Tunnel was developed to provide road access to the fiord.
Milford sound has been considered as the world’s top travel destination as per the international survey “2008 Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards” conducted by Trip Advisor. It has been the most famous tourist spot in New Zealand. It is located within the fertile Fiordland region of South Island. Milford land has been the top tourist destination in the entire country and on an average 500,000 and 1 million people visit per year.

Milford Sound climate

It is one of the wettest places in the world and annual rainfall is 6813 mm. It rains for 180 days in a year, with rainfall of 250 mm over 24 hours. The temperature here varies depends on the season and can go up to 19C in summer (Dec – Feb) to around 9.5 C in winter (Jun – Aug).

The top activities to do

Milford Sound Red Boats

Southern discoveries offer many cruises which are client friendly. Your travel will be an expedition with a cruise. South discoveries people will show you around the place and distinctive wildlife, cascading waterfalls and Mitre peak beauty will be a jaw dropping experience.

Underwater Observatory

The underwater observatory will be an unforgettable moment in the Fiordland Region and you can enjoy the marine life of Milford Sound. The observatory is in Harrison Cove beneath Pembroke Glacier amongst the Fiordland National Park. You can see the awesome views of underwater as you descend about 10.4 meters into a large and fully air-conditioned undersea compartment. Beautiful corals, anemones, sponges, fish species will be the delight for you.

The black ocean

Though the fiord is hundreds of meters depth, the rainfall creates a freshwater layer up to 6 meters deep that sit on the ocean top. The rainfall washes tannin (a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic substance present in some galls, barks, and other plant tissues, consisting of derivatives of Gallic acid) that stain the fresh water results in black appearance.

The splendid site seeing

Kayaking – Rosco’s

Enjoy every view of Milford sound by Kayaking (using kayak moving across the water). This kayaking adventure will be mind-blowing and will definitely create unforgettable moments in your lifetime. “Rosco’s Milford Kayaks” is an established owner of a sea-kayaking business in New Zealand. The people have more than two decades of experience and operate eco-friendly tours. It is the only company to run kayak to the outer Fiord, including sterling falls. It is better to book early to start your kayaking. All trips depart from Milford Sound besides the Sunrise, which can include transfers from Te Anau.

Wanaka Flightseeing

Wanaka is a national treasury of New Zealand and Milford Flight and cruise are the best ways to see Wanaka Flightseeing. This flightseeing is fantastic for seeing the contrast between Milford sound and Kale Wanaka, glaciers, rain forests, the Sutherland falls, olivine Ice plateau. An interesting commentary by the flight captain will give you a wide understanding of the primary features before seeing. The forty minute flight to Milford sound will take over Mt. Aspiring and the Glaciers and the return followed by forty minutes will take over the Milford Track and Sutherland Falls.

South Island Road Trip

South Island boasts most stunning natural landscapes to see forever. The best of South Island combo travel pack will bring you Newzealand’s amazing wildlife including the Giant sperm whale in Kaikoura, speculation towards Tekapo to experience the universe wonders on a nighttime observatory tour, cruise Milford Sound in the spectacular Fiordland National Park.

Where to accommodate?

Milford sound is two hours driving from Te Anau and 4 to 5 hours from Queenstown. There is a plethora of accommodation available and many lodges, hotel, boarding places are available.


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