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Navy Pier Chicago USA Navy Pier is a huge pier on Lake Michigan close to the Chicago’s downtown. The tourists cannot attain satisfaction unless they trip to Navy Pier. It sprawls in 50-acre playground where Navy Pier restaurants, shops, entertainment, museums are present. Navy Pier has been the perfect place for the family to have their fun time here.

What to do at Navy pier?

Navy Pier Ferris wheel of 150-feet is a thrilling activity here. When the tourists ride on the Ferris wheel they can feel their pounding heartbeat. The ride gives the Chicago city and Lake Michigan views perfectly. Navy Pier Ferris wheel is open around the year.

Willis Tower Sears Tower Chicago USA

Willis Tower Sears Tower Chicago USA Willis tower Construction
Willis Tower is being the headquarters of Willis North America’s Midwest Region. The former (1973-2009) name of the tower is Sears Tower. Willis Tower is the gigantic and tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The tower stands proudly at 1450 feet with 110 stories. The US skyscraper is in Chicago, Illinois Wacker drive.

Sears Roebuck &Co., was the largest retailer in the world in 1969 who had 3,50,000 employees. The company planned to have a central office space for its workers. Hence, they hired the architects Owings, Merrill, and Skidmore to design the largest office building around the globe. The construction work took three years to complete. It used sufficient concrete to make five-mile long, eight-lane highway. 12,000 workers, Chicagoans and Sears employees signed the last beam as a token of honor.

Willis Group Holdings, a London based insurance broker leased over 1,40,000 sq. ft of office space on the three floors of the Sears Towers in 2009. The lessee had received the naming rights for 15 years. The building officially had a name called “Willis Tower” in 2009.

Willis tower structure

There are nine tube frames in the building. The plan had an idea of making not less than fifteen tubes, but the hotel as at the dusk. The workers used only nine tubes during the completion. All the nine tubes reach 49 stories. The two tubes end at the pinnacle. The other rose up to the 65th floor. The tower’s design is the Crucifix shape from 66th to the 90th floor.

Sears tower Sky deck is otherwise called as the “Sears Tower’s observation deck”. This is the most popular attraction in Chicago. “The ledge” is a glass balcony extending 4.3 ft where the tourists can look straight down. Though the people feel uneasiness during the first visit, the place gives spectacular views of the Chicago River and Wacker Drive.

Facts about Willis tower

  • Willis Tower Chicago is the 8th tallest building in the world and tallest in Western Hemisphere
  • Until 1998 Willis Tower was the world’s tallest building
  • Over $175 million was spent to build the tower
  • From the Sky deck the tourists can see four states such as Illinois, Wisconsin Indiana, and Michigan
  • There are approximately 16,100 windows
  • Radio broadcasting and television stations work from the rooftop of the Willis tower
  • Over 25,000 visitors visit here daily
  • 1450 feet is the Willis tower height; while adding twin antennae, the height comes to 1730 feet
  • There are totally 104 elevators in the tower; they move 1200 feet per minute
  • Conference rooms are at the size of 16,000 sq.ft
  • Events are celebrated in the 99th floor
  • There are 25 miles of plumbing, 80 miles of elevator cable, 1,500 miles of electric wiring, and 145,000 light fixtures in the building
  • The building is officially indulged in Recycling program. The tenants recycled over 2,103 tons of paper, plastic and construction waste, glass, aluminum annually.
  • The building tenants saved more than 10 million gallons of water annually.

Michigan Avenue Bridge Magnificent Mile Chicago USA

Michigan Avenue Bridge Magnificent Mile Chicago USA The adorning Michigan Avenue Bridge was opened in the year 1920. This elegant bridge connects Chicago’s north and south zones. Thousands of cars, tourists and pedestrians are passing the bridge every day.
This is the first bascule bridge, with a double-deck, double-leaf ever built in Chicago. This drawbridge is hinged with a counterweight which balances continuously the leaf throughout the whole upward swing provides clearance for boat traffic.

The bridge is otherwise called as a Double Bascule Trunnion as it contains two leaves. It owns the pride of an engineering sensation at that time. However, still, engineers have great impression with the mechanical expertise of this centurial bridge.
Besides the mechanism, the sculptures on the Michigan Avenue Bridge make the bridge as one of the most popular photographic sights in Chicago. The sculptures represent the main event in the early Chicago history and easily seen while crossing the bridge.
The McCormick Tribune Bridge house & Chicago River Museum were opened in the year 2006 in the southwest tower area of the Michigan Avenue Bridge. This plays displays the history of the river and view of the massive gears of the bridge.

The Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile is a place where more than 460 stores located to spend the days just for shopping. It encompasses department stores, luxury boutiques, multi-story malls. Disney, Apple, and Niketown to Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue are the biggest shopping in the Magnificent Mile.
Alongside, 60 hotels, 300 restaurants are here. So, the tourists can enjoy here everything including lip smacking foods. Magnificent Mile is located between Chicago River and Oak Street. Unimaginable bridges and a river walk below the street level provide unique views. The Historic Water Tower, Famous monuments and Pumping station are reflecting the oldest beauty of Chicago.

Old Water Tower

The Old water tower is the oldest building in the Magnificent Mile. It was built in 1869. The castle- like structure looks just a bit away from the modern district. Many times, in 1906, 1918, and 1948 demolitions were taken place on the tower. But each time the socialists came forward to preserve the water tower.

Building Boom

In 1969 a new building boom was started. John Hancock Center, a 100-story tall residential skyscraper was built. A tower, at the northern end of the avenue, attracted the large buildings, including the Water Tower Place which encloses more than 100 shops, restaurants, and theatres. At the end of the 1980s, another boom was started which added a few skyscrapers at the Magnificent Mile such as Park Tower and 900 N. Michigan Avenue. Along the avenue, the fantastic architectural landmarks such as Tribune Tower and John Hancock Center can be found.

Millennium Park Chicago USA

Millennium Park Chicago USA Millennium Park is a famous gathering spot in the Chicago city. The place is well-known for its free concerts, public art installation. Jay Pritzker Pavilion is the main attraction of the Millennium Park. The World’s greatest living architect Frank Gehry designed the artistic attraction that hosts Chicago’s massive outdoor festivals and concerts. Lurie Garden, Park Grill dining restaurant, pedestrian bridges, Art Institute and Maggie Daley Park are the most entertaining spots in the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is Chicago’s leading green space that occupied 25 acres of landscape, fine architecture with a collection of public art. In 2014 Millennium Park celebrated its 10th anniversary. It continuously hosted and made the visitors to enjoy dozens of programs. Free events such as outdoor concerts, art installations, alfresco workouts and films screenings are popular here.

Top Attractions in Millennium Park

Cloud Gate is a massive, stainless steel structure that has renowned as Chicago’s landmark. Many tourists and visitors take photos in front of the Cloud gate. As Millennium Park Chicago bean owns the bean shape, Cloud gate is otherwise called as “The Bean”. Its mirror-like surface reflects the entire downtown skyline.

Millennium Park Chicago concerts

Winter months are good to skate here amid the twinkling tree lights in the place of McCormick Tribune Ice Rink, a dedicated skating place in Millennium Park. Warmer months have grand celebration with live performance in front of the Pritzker Pavilion. The Millennium Park Summer Concert crew makes the tourists and visitors enjoy with world music rock, jazz in free admission. Chicago Blues Festival, Grant Park Music Festival, and the Chicago Jazz Festival are the annual events in the venue.

The tourists can take a cool breath in Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain’s pool. Alfresco patio Park Grill is the satiating place for food and drinks. Great Lawn makes the people to walk out on their rest days.

Chicago River USA

Chicago River USA The Chicago Riverwalk is being a familiar tourist and locals’ attraction. This is the topmost commercial place in Chicago. Besides stunning landscapes, architecture and pathways, there are some important places to visit.

Amazing places – Don’t miss to visit

The Marina:

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and its new Riverwalk is connected by the Marina Plaza. The tourists, docking boaters and the pedestrians can find a number of restaurants and ample seating to enjoy the Chicago River’s view. Upper dining terrace, Retail space and Built-in-Bar are the other attractions.

The Cove:

This is being a Kayak rental space and dock space. Tourists stop for snacking here for Flanders Belgian Beer & Fries, Restaurants.

The Water Plaza

In this sunny cove, many people enjoy with their families. Adults observe relaxed mood around a fountain amid the water sprays.

The Riverbank

The floating gardens surround the Riverbank which provides startling views of the convergence of the three branches of the River Chicago.

The River Theatre

It was opened in 2015, is accessed from Upper Wacker to Riverwalk level. Wendella Water Taxi access is available here.

The City Winery

City Winery is a recreational spot who delivers the highest-end culinary and cultural experience. They provide intimate concerts, food and wine classes, private events and fine dining.

Newer places of Chicago Riverwalk

The Swimming hole

This is a mere relaxing zone where tourists use to hang out. Though it is similar to Marina Plaza, still no stores are here.

The Jetty

Here in Jetty, tourists can observe fish and obtain knowledge about the river ecology. This place is focused on education and aesthetic.

Visiting Time

The Riverwalk is levied with no charge and open to the public from 6.00 am to 11.00 every day. Many vendors operate round the clock here.

Tourists even from remote corners invade here to eat, drink, play and explore kayaking, dock fishing and a waterside wine patio.


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