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About Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National park located in the Northern Territory of Australia; an iconic natural park covers 20,000 Sq kms. Kakadu National park is listed under UNESCO world heritage for its culture and natural heritage. In addition, it is the largest terrestrial national park in Australia. The life of the park is water dependent. In the monsoon season the tourists can expect heavy downpours, the season is called as “wet season”. The “Dry season” will have mild weather with drizzles. Kakadu National Park is the entryway to Arnhemland. Kakadu National ParkThe park has huge varieties of flora and least impacted area in the northern part of the Australia. This natural and cultural wonder is around three hours from Darwin.

The favorite seasons:

If the tourists go by June, July, and August, they can enjoy the coolest months in Kakadu National Park. These months will have 30 degree Celsius temperature which is enjoyable. At night time we will experience slight showers and low humidity levels. The three months are the busiest months in Darwin. Since the months fall in Australian school holidays, the tourist can see lots of Australian families touring to Kakadu. If you are an overseas tourist, better book your accommodation 3 to 4 months in advance to enjoy the natural park picturesquely. The tourists can enjoy seeing crocodiles in the cold weather whereas in the hot weather they will not come on the land. Traveling during the “dry season” makes the tourist to a jaw-dropping experience.

Kakadu’s wet season starts from November to March. The tourists might experience crowd-free, exploring moments during the season. Thunderstorms, bright green landscapes, and flooding of the Yellow Water Billabong can be enjoyed here during the said months.

Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls are the most popular waterfall in Kakadu National Park. Tourists can access the falls only during dry season. Most of the tourists choose a dry season to enjoy such falls. It has been estimated that the falls will be opened around mid of June in 2017.
The best time to visit Kakadu is May to September.

The most beautiful places in Kakadu National Park:

Mary River Roadhouse is outside the southern entry affords fuel, meals, and accommodation. Both the waterfalls Maguk and Gunlom are with clear water, the tourists can enjoy in plunging pool and interesting walks here. When the wet season is chosen, then this is the right place to explore.

Jim Jim Falls Area:

This area can be accessed in dry season only by four wheeler drive. It is a deep plunge pool surrounded by 150 m high cliffs. The tourists can go by a steep walk to reach the top of the falls. One major drawback is the fall dries during the dry season and during the wet season, it cannot be accessed. One can enjoy the beauty of the falls by flying up.

Jabiru Area:

Kakadu National Park Mercure Crocodile HotelThis is a town in Kakadu National Park. The tourists can take pleasure with all facilities such as supermarket, bank, chemist, accommodation and more. Jabiru East Airport is around 4.5 km from here and many tourists visit Kakadu only by this way (by air). Bowali Visitor Centre is one of the most attractive places in Jabiru area. This centre has extensive collections of books in library, maps, videos, displays along with a café and a gallery with ancestral arts and crafts. The café and gallery open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Yellow Water Area:

This popular and commercial boat cruises are operated all over the year. It provide a wonderful opportunity to the tourists to view Kakadu’s varied birdlife and other wildlife, including Saltwater Crocodiles. If the tourists like to go for a boat cruise, then the favorite timing will be early morning or late afternoon. This is the best time for seeing wildlife and taking photos. Most of the birds come for the boardwalk in the early dry season which is an awesome experience to enjoy.

Other than the above places, Nourlangie Area, East Alligator Area, South Alligator Area, Twin Falls, Koolpin Gorge are the prominent places to visit in Kakadu National Park.

Travel Tips

Beware of Crocodiles

In Australia, we can find two species of crocodile. One belongs to native freshwater which is usually shy and timid but can turn aggressive if disturbed. Another one is saltwater crocodile which attacked many tourists in Kakadu. The tourist should read the signs of crocodiles and obey the ‘No Swimming’ warnings.

Permits and passes:

All visitors require parking passes to enter into Kakadu national park. The pass includes entry, ranger guided walks and talks. Kakadu charges seasonal pricing passes and mainly it will be low in the summer from November to May. The revenue through Kakadu national park tourism is invested back to the park. The permit depends on the tourist purpose. If it is a research, bushwalk, camping, filming then the tourist needs an additional permit. Furthermore commercial clicks requires a photography permit. In conclusion, there are many hotels, restaurants, and other facilities available around the park. The tourists can choose their accommodation on the basis of economical status.

Official website of Kakadu National Park:www.environment.gov.au/topics/national-parks/kakadu-national-park

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